Dr. Michelle Bass, RSW


(250) 818-1623




  • MSW, PhD
  • Registered Social Worker, Board of Social Workers, BC, No. 5388

I have been privileged to work alongside people for 25 years and continue to feel inspired by the counselling process. Counselling can help you overcome difficult situations, achieve your personal goals and find new direction and meaning in your life. Counselling can be a very effective tool to help you achieve your personal goals.





  • Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Panic
  • Work through Childhood Traumas
  • Get over Depression 
  • Reduce or Abstain from Problematic Substances
  • Coach you in Recovery
  • Provide you with Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Help you deal with procrastination 
  • Support you through Grief, Loss
  • Discover Meaning and Purpose
  • Deal with Parenting Issues
  • Have Meaningful and Happier Relationships
  • Feel Better About Yourself


Depression (CBT)  Anxiety Procrastination
Stress Grief & Loss OCD
Recovery Trauma  Purpose/Direction 
Personal Growth Couples               Parenting

Personal Philosophy:

I have 25 years of experience in the field of counselling. I have a Masters degree in Social Work and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sociology/Psychology. I also train mental health professionals in a college setting and conduct research on recovery from addiction and stigma. 


I have a caring presence and the knowledge, skills and tools to help you make sense of your troubles and resolve them. 


I have found that small changes can make a great deal of difference in our lives. I will encourage you to move away from an over- focus on the problem, towards dreaming and thinking about how to get what you want. I work in a goal oriented way and will help work towards the changes you want to make.  Most people benefit from counselling in 12 sessions or less. 


My approach can be characterized as eclectic. I can draw upon a variety of methods to help you move forward in your life. I can suggest to you what approach is best for your problem. If I cannot help you, I have a broad network I can refer you to.